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Cheap Baby Scans

"HD Live" Scanning now Available

We are proud to announce we are the only clinic in Hertfordshire that has the leading-edge scanner, which uses "HD Live" technology combined with the latest advances in 4D scanning to deliver incredibly realistic snapshots of your unborn baby.

HD Live scans available

Latest advance - 3D/4D pregnancy scans as seen on TV

3d-and-4d-pregnancy-scansThe latest baby scan technology allows us to create 3D images of your baby. We are now able to put these 3D images together to create live moving images in 4D, this is then recorded onto DVD. The 4D scan is a unique opportunity to record beautiful views of your baby in the womb.


Will I be told the sex of my baby?

As many people don't want to know the sex or may already have been told, fetal sexing is now offered as an optional extra.

3D and 4D Baby Scans


What will be included in the 3D and 4D Baby Scan?

Baby Ultravision is pleased to be able to offer you a variety of packages tailored to your requirement. The 3D scan can be recorded for you on DVD, digital (jpeg) images downloaded onto CD, 3D black & White scan pictures and 3D colour pictures are all available as well as optional extras. The detailed 3D and 4D baby scan packages are described on the prices page.


What is the best time to have the 4D scan?

The 4D scan is best performed from 24 to 34 weeks with the ideal time around 27 weeks of pregnancy. For multiple pregnancies the ideal time the scan is earlier, around 25-26 weeks.


Will I always get a beautiful picture of my baby from my 4D scan?

All baby scans are dependent upon the position of the baby, in some cases it may be difficult to see the baby's face clearly and you may be asked to walk around to encourage the baby to move. Rescans are included within the Blue, Red & Black packages.


Will the 4D scan show the size of my baby?

The 4D scan is performed for reassurance and to enhance parental bonding. Baby scans to check the growth of the baby can be arranged at the same time as the 4D scan at extra cost.


How much does the 4D scan cost?


  • 4D scan from £95
  • Optional extras: fetal sexing and growth scan included in most packages
  • Twin 4D scan £50 extra on top of all scan packages.


Care Quality Commission

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