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Ultrasound Scan Costs

The Verulam Clinic offers several different ultrasound scans suitable for different stages of pregnancy. All scans are performed by professional, highly qualified experienced sonographers. We now offer scans throughout the week and at the weekends.

Scans available Stage of pregnancy Cost
Viability/dating/reassurance 6-16 weeks £70
Sexing scan Available from 16 weeks £65
Growth scan After 16 weeks £75
3D / 4D scan 24 weeks to 34 weeks from £100  click for details
Harmony test 10+ weeks from £495
Pelvic (gynae) scan Performed by GP referral only £100
assisted conception monitoring flexible bookings according to treatment cycle first scan £100, subsequent scans £75

Please note that all twins scans after 12 weeks will have an added charge of £30 to the price quoted above, this is to reflect the extra complexity and time for scanning multiple pregnancies.

See below for detailed information about each scan:

Viability / dating scan

This early scan is available from 6 weeks. If you just need some reassurance or have any pregnancy complications such as bleeding or have had a previous miscarriage an early scan gives you answers to help you plan the next step.

What we do:
* check the heartbeat
* check the location of the pregnancy
* confirm a single pregnancy or multiple
* take a measurement of the fetal pole (baby) to accurately date the pregnancy
* Check for signs of bleeding or ectopic pregnancy

Sexing scan

* This scan will accurately diagnose the sex of your baby, at the Verulam Clinic the success rate is >99%
* Performed from 16 weeks.   If we are unable to confidently sex your baby we will offer you a rescan at no additional cost
* If we still can’t be sure we will refund your payment.
* Can be recorded onto DVD for a unique keepsake.

Well being / Growth scan

* Accurately check the growth of the baby taking measurements of the head, abdomen and thigh, this will give you an estimated weight
* Assess amount of liquor (fluid) around the baby
* Confirm the position of the baby
* Perform Doppler blood flow of the umbilical artery if indicated
* Performed after 16 weeks of pregnancy
* Is offered as part of the 4D scan

3D/4D Baby scans 24-34 weeks

* Beautiful breathtaking views of your baby in the womb
* DVD & 3D images to take away


* All the scans detailed above can be performed in multiple pregnancies ie. Twins
A £30 charge will be added to all the scans above after 12 weeks.

Pelvic scan for gynaecological investigation

* Performed by GP referral only
* No waiting list
* Results faxed to GP.

 Harmony test

The Ariosa HarmonyTM prenatal test is a new option in prenatal screening for Down’s syndrome (trisomy 21), Edward’s syndrome (trisomy 18), Patau’s syndrome (trisomy 13), and also fetal sex (X and Y) chromosome conditions and works by analysing cell-free DNA circulating in the pregnant mother’s blood.

It is non-invasive and therefore does not carry a risk of miscarriage or a risk of other adverse outcomes that may be associated with invasive testing such as chorion villus sampling (CVS) or Amniocentesis.

Care Quality Commission

Verulam Clinic is registered with the Care Quality Commission. Provider ID: 1-127591200 20th May 2012 Registered number: 05283588 All sonographers & physiotherapists are registered with the Health & Care Professions Council.


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