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Acupuncture with Alex Owen – Infertility and Fertility Support

Fertility – Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine.

Alex Owen has been working with couples trying to conceive for over seven years. He has experience in treating a wide range of sub fertility conditions as well as unexplained fertility issues. Alex can provide you with assistance to conceiving naturally, right the way through to full IVF support.

Acupuncture and herbal medicine work in a range of ways to help promote fertility. They have measurable effects on the gonadotropins (sex hormones), helping to regulate hormone levels and can even lower raised FSH levels. They can help the body deal with stress more effectively, which can be a factor in disrupting normal hormonal levels. Together, they aim to improve the overall health of the reproductive system for both males and females.

If you are interested in receiving a treatment or would like to find out more. Please contact Alex on 07813 184180, or visit the website.

Back pain during pregnancy

A combination of weight gain, a shift in your centre of gravity, loss of your abdominal muscles to support the back, shifting in your gait due to change in your pelvis are just some of the factors which can contribute to back pain during pregnancy.
Acupuncture has fantastic results when dealing with any type of back pain and during pregnancy is no exception. Acupuncture removes inflammation in the tissues and muscles, improves circulation while also controlling and sedating nerve activity to control pain. Acupuncture provides you with a rapid reduction in pain levels & improved mobility, in a way that is totally safe for you and your baby.
For more information or questions please contact the clinic with your details.
Alex Owen

Turning breech babies with acupuncture

As your pregnancy passes 30 months your baby should start to adopt a head down position. If by 32 weeks he / she is still head up you may well be told your baby is breech. Initially there is no need for concern as baby should still have plenty of room to manoeuvre and there are some simple things you can try at home which may encourage baby into a more suitable position for birth.
A great position you can try safely at home in kneeling on the floor with you head down and making sure your bottom is higher than your head – this is known as the knee-chest position.
You can also try lying for prolonged periods on your side, usually your left side is advised. Swimming is also a great way to exercise and the rocking of the hips can get baby moving.
If by 34 weeks baby is still not head down then you can try other methods for helping to turn baby. Acupuncture has particularly good success rates with turning breech babies and the use of moxibustion is even recommended in the NICE guidelines.
Acupuncture can be received weekly and I provide all mothers with a moxibustion kit so that they can perform the treatment themselves every day between treatments.
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