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Baby Yoga Classes in St Albans

From 10 weeks

Suitable for babies from 10 weeks, this five-week baby yoga course builds on baby’s physical and mental development and aids brain development, baby yoga can help your baby’s sense of co-ordination, balance and sensory and motor skills. Baby Yoga is a great way to connect with your baby though movement and touch.

Lots of fun for Mum & Baby

Baby yoga sessions involve stretching, swinging, rolling and jumping while we have lots of fun singing nursery rhymes to the movements. Mums also get to do some gentle postnatal stretches and some relaxation time together with their babies.

How to book

To book a place on one of these baby yoga courses at Verulam Clinic in St Albans or for more information please contact the clinic on 01727 833100 or

Historical Origins of Yoga & Baby Yoga

The origins of yoga are found in ancient history and it has been commonly practiced throughout the world for centuries. Yoga came from South West Asia more than 3000 years ago and then migrated south through the Indian sub-continent. Archaeological research sows that the practice of yoga originated as early as 1500 BC, although written proof of its existence only dates back to 900 BC.

All yoga exercises have a common and a Sanskrit name. Yoga itself is a Sanskrit word, which translated means ‘Union’ between mind, body and spirit.

Baby Yoga

Baby Yoga is a fairly new practice based on the age-old tradition. It includes simplified Hatha Yoga, coupled with rhythmical, more energetic movements that can be likened to Ashtanga Yoga, which help to maintain the baby’s interest and so both parent and baby can have fun together. Their developing bodies are flexible and, just like adults, they too can benefit from and enjoy the stimulating touch, movements and the deep relaxation that yoga offers.

As with Baby Massage,  Baby Yoga promotes a life-long bond between parent and baby and creates a foundation for a happy, healthy life.
Some of the many benefits of Baby Massage and Baby Yoga for parents:

  • Use positive touch with their baby
  • Do exercises with their baby
  • Have special hugs and cuddles
  • Spend special time together
  • Learn about their baby
  • Relax with their baby
  • Play with their baby
  • Bond with their baby
  • Generally have fun with their baby

A few specific  benefits of Baby Yoga are :

  • Stimulates baby’s senses
  • Improves baby’s blood flow
  • Strengthen and improves baby’s muscle tone
  • Regulates and strengthens baby’s digestive system
  • this can possibly help with baby’s colic, wind and constipation

Baby Yoga can also:

  • Help with baby’s general growth and development
  • Enhance baby’s body awareness
  • Increase baby’s ability to cope with future challenges

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