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Growth & Reassurance Scans

Growth & reassurance scans can be performed at any stage of your pregnancy.

1st Trimester 6-14 weeks

There are many reasons for having this scan including a previous pregnancy complication or bleeding.  Some women are very anxious in pregnancy and find a scan helps with this anxiety.

8 week fetus

A viability scan would be offered in the first trimester, some women have repeat viability scans at this stage because of increased anxiety from a previous pregnancy complication or because of ongoing bleeding. We would discuss the scan findings at each stage and recommend follow-up where necessary.

Cost £70





2nd & 3rd Trimesters

profile view of a 34 week fetus

In the second and third trimester reassurance scans include measurements of the head, body and thigh, assess the fluid around the baby and check for normal movements.

If indicated in the 3rd trimester an umbilical artery Doppler would be performed.

It is possible to give you an estimate of the weight of your baby.

You will always be given a written report and ultrasound pictures of your baby (these can be harder to obtain as the baby gets bigger).

If we are concerned about any of the scan findings we will discuss this with you and recommend the next step in the management of your pregnancy.

Cost £75

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