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Verulam Clinic is pleased to be have 2 experienced homeopaths

Carolyn Howgego 

Carolyn Howgego

BSc (Hons), BA (Hons), LCHE, RSHom

Homeopathy is a complete system of evidence-based, non-toxic, holistic medicine which was developed over 200 years ago and is the second most widely used form of medicine in the world. Homeopathy works with your body, to gently yet effectively stimulate its own inherent healing resources with the aim of relieving the symptoms of disease in the short term and encouraging increased resilience in the long-term.



Diana Tibble 


Diana Tibble
Hypnotherapy & Homeopathy

Diana Tibble was a State Registered Nurse, a Midwife and is also a counsellor. She has been a practicing homeopath for 22 years.

At The Verulam Clinic Diana has a homeopathic clinic not only for fertility, pregnancy, babies and children but adults too. Because of her deep understanding of health and disease she is able to support you on your journey to optimum health, complementing any existing treatment that you may be receiving from your doctor.

Care Quality Commission

Verulam Clinic is registered with the Care Quality Commission. Provider ID: 1-127591200 20th May 2012 Registered number: 05283588 All sonographers & physiotherapists are registered with the Health & Care Professions Council.


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