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Early Pregnancy Scans

Early pregnancy scan – from 6 weeks

very early fetus, <6weeks

very early fetus, <6 weeks

8 week fetus with yolk sac

8 week fetus with yolk sac

9 week fetus

9 week fetus








Women have ultrasound scans in the first trimester (6-14 weeks) for many reasons; sometimes they have had a previous miscarriage and may be anxious about the next pregnancy, they may be experiencing some pain or bleeding, or just not feeling very pregnant.

For many women they just want the chance to see their baby and for reassurance.

What do we do?  Most scans before 8 weeks will need to be scanned vaginally, this is where an ultrasound probe is inserted a short way into the vagina to visualise the uterus and pelvic structures, a full bladder is not required.  After 8 weeks it is usually possible to do an abdominal ultrasound scan where the probe is placed on the tummy over the lower pelvic region to obtain the results, for this you would need a full bladder.

The scan will determine the viability of an early pregnancy by:

  • Checking the location of the pregnancy
  • Look for your baby’s heart beat
  • Measure the CRL (crown rump length) to date the pregnancy
  • Look for twins, or more!
  • Look for the signs of normal development that are visible in the first trimester.
  • Following the scan you will be given a written report and some ultrasound images of your baby.


Diagnosing a miscarriage.

Sadly scans at this stage sometimes confirm a miscarriage or indicate the pregnancy is not as advanced as expected. If this is the case the sonographer will either recommend a repeat scan in 10-14 days to confirm the findings or will refer you to your GP or Mr Burrell for follow-up.

At Verulam Clinic we work closely with Mr Stephen Burrell, Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist, who would be able to carry out any necessary surgical procedure if this was indicated from the diagnosis of miscarriage on the scan. This procedure is covered by most private health policies.


You are welcome to bring your partner, family or friends with you.

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