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Diana Tibble


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Diana Tibble Hypnotherapy & Homeopathy

Diana Tibble
Hypnotherapy & Homeopathy

Hypnosis is a state of profound relaxation that you allow yourself to enter and can come out of at any time. The benefits of the state of hypnosis are increased levels of relaxation and decreased levels of anxiety and stress. Working in this state of relaxation, therapy can help you find new responses, new thoughts and new feelings and dispel negative ones.

What types of problem can hypnosis help?

* Insomnia
* Stop smoking
* Weight loss
* Stress & anxiety
* Phobia ie. fear of flying / hospitals / needles / insects

What does treatment involve?

At the first visit you will be fully assessed, a case history taken and a discussion of what you aim to achieve through hypnotherapy. You will be taught the techniques of relaxation and self-hypnosis adapted to your individual needs and aims. Hypnotherapy is deeply relaxing, the sensation can be compared to looking into a real fire and losing yourself in a dream, at no time during the consultation will you be out of control of the situation.

Hypnotherapy involves learning and practicing the techniques taught during the consultations. To successfully achieve your aims we recommended that you attend for a course of three appointments, the first appointment is one and half hours with subsequent appointments lasting one hour. Most people will achieve their aims following these three sessions however occasionally further appointments are available if required.
If you are committed to stop smoking, hypnotherapy is very effective to help you achieve your aim. You would usually attend for one consultation lasting one and half hours with follow-up appointments available if additional help is required.

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