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Baby Signing Course

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We are proud to announce the introduction of  a 10 week Baby Signing Course here at the clinic in St Albans, before you commit why not come to our next FREE taster session with Ruth Grier:-


The Best Start Club has been signing with babies since 2001.

Our BABY SIGNING programmes, all age appropriate, are packed with musical exploration, singing, dance, movement and fun activities. It’s a multi-aspected learning process for the child, incorporating physical, emotional, cognitive, language, social and musical growth. It’s more than just learning music and baby signing. It’s about the whole child.

With signs and gestures sourced from British Sign Language (BSL) the babies soon recognise, then use key words and activities impacting their new lives. The medium allows the incorporation of many developmental opportunities in ways that are easy to take up at home including orientation, co-ordination, movement, gentle massage and “the 7 ‘clingy periods of the first year’.

Introducing Baby Signs – A Bonding Experience

Suitable From Birth to 8 Months

This gently paced course introduces the first stages of signing. How to sign, what to sign, and when? We will also look at what to expect on the way and learn to recognise your baby’s signing attempts.

Our focus is on parent & child beginning to understand each other. Themed classes support routines & subjects that attract and support younger babies eg. bedtime, bathtime, animals, safety etc.

The class includes a gentle massage of baby, calming for both mum and baby, also settling the atmosphere for the class. By using sensory exploration, rhymes, songs & a special bonding time, your baby’s growth & development are stimulated & all of his senses engaged. The course also covers other beneficial subjects which support signing and help parents or carers better assist the baby in its very early days.

The objective of this course is to get parent and baby understanding each other at the same time as supporting the developmental needs of the baby.

What are the Benefits of Baby Signing?

  • Early Communication and Speech Development  
  • Reduces Frustration – Fewer Tantrums  
  • Enriched Relationship Between Parent and Child 
  • Helps Development of Co-Ordination 
  • A Settled and More Confident Child 
  • More Confident and Relaxed Parents 
  • Clearer Speech 
  • Better Comprehension 
  • Encourages Child to Interact Better 
  • Assists Children in Bilingual Families 
  • Aids Memory Development  
  • Better Long-term Learning 
  • Promotes Interaction and Communication with Deaf People


“I am back at work and therefore won’t be able to bring Eva to any classes but wanted to let you know that she is doing very well and she has continued signing since we came to your classes. I am certain the signing has helped her communication and her vocabulary immensely, at 16 months she’s a very bright and active child and I definitely put it down to the early signing.She’s now at nursery and doing very well and continuing to sign and starting Kindermusik classes at nursery too.

So just want to let you know that your classes were brilliant for my little one and if/when I have another I’ll be coming back while on maternity leave. I really enjoyed them and recommend them to anyone in the area looking for activities with their children. ”

Eva’s mum, St Albans

“I wanted you to know that Ruby and another boy in her class at day care are far more advanced in their speech and communication than the other children their age and I think this is more than coincidence that they have both been to your baby signing classes. As you know, I’m your biggest fan and always recommend your classes to everyone!

I wanted to thank you for your great teaching and enthusiasm over the last 2 years and to say how valuable our learning at baby signing has been and what enjoyment we’ve had on our Friday mornings during term time.  I wish you every success in the future of the Best Start Club and thank you whole heartedly! “

Ruby’s Mum, Hatfield 

“My son was only 15 months. He came into the kitchen one morning at 10.00am and signed ‘milk’ and ‘sleep’ to me. This was 2 hours before his normal nap time.  He normally napped at 12 noon. I gave him his milk and put him down in his cot. He slept for the next 2 hours. I was amazed by how simple it was for him knowing he was understood. He was telling me something I couldn’t possibly have known as he was so matter of fact, so content.  He was too young to speak it.” 

Thomas’s mum, Welwyn Garden City

When we were on holidays Amber did the sign for milk (at 4 months and 3 weeks). I had just fed her an hour before that so thought that she couldn’t possibly be hungry. She was really insistent with the sign so I gave her a breast and she finished it. Then she signed again with just as much insistence so I gave her the other breast which she also finished. I found this to be amazing. She knew at just under 5 months what she wanted and could tell me. 

Amber’s mum, Hertford



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