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4D Scans FAQ

Frequently asked questions

4D ultrasound scans uses the latest advance in ultrasoundUnborn baby at 34 weeksd technology to create moving pictures of your baby, these are different from the usual black & white scans as we are looking at the outside of the baby, especially the face, hands & feet, we are especially excited to be able to include at no extra cost ‘HD Live’ 4D pictures.


3D/4D baby scanning allows us to create fantastic pictures of your unborn baby.  At Verulam Clinic we have the very latest ‘HD Live’ technology.

You can choose to have your scan recorded as digital images and/or digital video clips – the choice is yours.


What is ‘HD Live’?

This is the latest technology from GE using the E8 Expert system and is not widely available.  This technology allows us to see even more realistic images of your baby in fantastic detail.  During the scan we switch between the standard 4D and the new ‘HD Live’ to give you the best possible view of your unborn baby.

What will be included?

We are pleased to be able to offer you a variety of packages tailored to your requirement.

The scan can be recorded ad digital video clips to USB, digital (jpeg) images downloaded onto USB, 3D black & White scan pictures and 3D colour pictures are all available as part of the package or as optional extras.

How much does a 4D scan cost?

The detailed scan packages are described on the prices page.

What is the best time to have the scan?

The 4D scan is best performed from 24 to 34 weeks with the ideal time around 27 weeks of pregnancy. For multiple pregnancies the ideal time the scan is earlier, around 25-26 weeks.

Will I be told the sex of my baby?

Only if you want to know! We are expert at keeping it secret but if you want to know if your baby is a boy or girl we will be able to tell you, there is no extra cost for this.

Will I always get a beautiful picture of my baby?

GE demo foot_2 cropped

We all try really hard to obtain the best possible pictures for you however sometimes it is technically difficult, this may be due to the position or amount of fluid around the baby.  The size of mum can affect the image on all ultrasound scans however this is less of an issue with 4D scans.  We may ask you to have a sweet drink or go for a walk to encourage the baby to move. Sometimes it is necessary to book a repeat scan.

Will the scan show the size of my baby?

As part of the 4D scan  a well being scan is included to assess the size, amount of fluid and general well-being.

Complimentary photo shoot with black scan package

We are delighted to be able to offer you a complimentary pregnancy or newborn photo shoot with Ian Scott Photography when you select the black package 4D scan.  The photo shoot included one 8″ x 10″ photograph.

Who can come with me to the scan?

You are welcome to bring your family, friends & children to your scan.  Call us if you want to bring more than 4 people or if you have anyone who may need extra space eg for a wheelchair.  Equally it is an intimate movement when you see the face of your baby for the first time and you may chose to share this just with your partner and show the pictures off later.

How much does the scan cost?


Prices               For full packages click here.
4D scan from £100
fetal sexing and well being scan included
Twin 4D scan £30 extra on top of all scan packages.


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