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New for July- Pregnancy massage

Anna Greenwood is a registered pregnancy massage therapist and firmly believes that massage during pregnancy can be of enormous benefit not only to the Mother but also to the unborn baby. Massage during pregnancy can be a wonderful experience for both the client and massage therapist. It emotionally and physiologically supports a woman during a time when her body is undergoing many changes and can help prepare her body for birth. Anna has her own website with testimonials of previous clients who have benefited from her treatments.


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At Verulam Clinic we have formed a multidisciplinary team of professionals offering a wide range of traditional and complementary treatments and classes.

Our interdisciplinary approach means we can provide a combination of therapies which are best suited to your needs all under one roof.




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Baby boy or girl? Gender determination now included in ALL 4D scans (only if required).

3D & 4D scans, viability scans, growth scans, presentation scans.

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What our patients have to say about us:

Baby James born at 37 weeks and 2 days on Thursday September 3rd at 8:02pm in the birthing pool on the MLU at Lister.

Tory’s Story

Choosing hypnobirthing with Joan was the best decision we made after finding out we had a baby on the way. We thought choosing hypnobirthing might help me adopt a slightly more positive and calm mindset during labour, but our hypnobirthing journey was so much more than that.

Hypnobirthing was an incredible experience from the first minutes with Joan. It gave Alex and I quality time together every week, thinking about and bonding with our baby. The sessions were 2 hours of purely thinking and talking about our baby and I felt they brought us closer together as a couple. We also did the exercises outside of class, which was really special time for us. The classes also raised a number of things for Alex and I to think about in advance of the birth. During our hypnobirthing course I felt my whole mindset was transformed, I realized birth could be very different from what is so often portrayed in the media, I felt empowered to make the medical decisions necessary if needed (and the impact these could have on the birth) and above all I felt so much more positive and confident about the birth itself – I was actually looking forward to it.

The birth was everything we could have hoped for, a totally amazing, life changing experience. I believe that to a large degree nature determines the course of any birth and that us mum’s to be relieve control temporarily and try and allow it to happen as best we can. My pregnancy was not without complications (I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes and group b strep), although fortunately these did not prevent our plan to have a waterbirth on the midwife led unit at the Lister. However, I also believe that the mum’s state of mind and the support she receives from her partner can transform a birth.

At 5am on a Thursday 3rd September I was woken by what I can only describe as strong period pains, as I got out of bed part of my waters seemed to break. I wasn’t in any significant pain but called the hospital as we’d been directed in the case of waters breaking. The hospital suggested we come in, but rather then rushing, we took our time getting ready – I had a long hot shower, we got our things together calmly and Alex even went out and bought food to take to the hospital. We got to the hospital at 11am and they said that labour may be underway even though our baby would be three weeks early (but not premature). We were given the option of staying at the hospital or going home. We decided to go home, a decision I credit entirely to our hypnobirthing course which encourages spending time at home relaxing as this helps make labour more comfortable and it also gave us the confidence to take labour in our stride. We eventually got home at about 3:30pm and soon after this the surges became stronger and much more regular. By 6pm the surges were one every minute and we decided to return to hospital. When we arrived the midwives had already filled the birthing pool for me and surprised me by saying the baby would arrive very soon. I got straight into the pool and was amazed by the impact the warm water had – it was instantly relaxing and made me so much more comfortable. Combined with some gas and air the labour went quickly and at 8:02pm our beautiful baby son James was born. Before our hypnobirthing course, a waterbirth really didn’t appeal to me – but again this was a brilliant decision and transformed the end of labour for me. Giving birth to our son in the water was incredible and such a calm, peaceful experience.

Just before getting back in the car to return hospital was the hardest part of my labour (I had no idea at the time, but realize this is probably where I went through transition) and Alex quickly took control, talking me through each surge and I regained my confidence. Both then and in the car we had our hypnobirthing music playing and Al continued to talk me through each surge. I felt hynobirthing gave us a structure and something to focus on, a mindset to be able to go with the flow as nature took its course and a strong and positive attitude. I enjoyed the birth so much that in the hours afterwards – I turned to Alex and said I want lots more babies!

I couldn’t recommend hypnobirthing with Joan highly enough – I think choosing the right hypnobirthing coach is really important as you need to connect with them and trust them. I firmly our experience with Joan transformed our pregnancy and birth experience. I have since used a lot of the techniques to help me relax during the more challenging moments of looking after a newborn and I’ve found them just as effective.

We will never forget Joan and the experience we had with her or our amazing birth. Thank you Joan.

Alex’s story

It was Tory’s idea to do hynobirthing and I was keen to do anything that might make her labour easier. I found having a class to go to made me get away from work and make time to think about the birth, our baby, and how Tory was doing – more than I probably would have done if we hadn’t done the classes. There was loads of great information in the class about how I could help during pregnancy and labour, I really didn’t like the thought of just watching while Tory went through labour on her own. I found the hynobirthing so helpful – at times during pregnancy and during the actual labour I was able to remind Tory of things we had covered and it really helped keep her calm and relaxed, rather than not knowing what to say. It also helped me keep things in perspective and stay useful during labour; going food shopping, packing the car, driving to the hospital, telling the midwives how Tory’s labour had been progressing – plus giving her emotional support throughout. We also did NCT classes and although they were good (lots of good information, meeting new people), the emphasis on mindset and the more emotional side of things of hynobirthing sets it apart – it had a wonderful effect on Tory and I couldn’t recommend it enough. Joan herself has been amazing – a very calming presence, she filled me and Tory with confidence and if she had been available we would have had her with us as a doula (in the end we didn’t have a doula). I will encourage the rest of my mates who have babies on the way to stay open minded and give it a go.

hypnobirthing Tory & Alex’s story with Joan Mills

I wanted to say a big thank you because the techniques we learnt through the wise hippo course were brilliant for the birth. Ivy Mae Ronald was born at 8lbs 6. The labour was just amazing. I was very lucky with how things went, It was ten hours in total, most of which was at home after my waters broke. I had a natural birth in the pool and I didn’t need to use any sort of pain relief other than my tens machine. The visualisation techniques were great and I just used them to focus on the surges in a positive way. I kept active through the labour, using some rotations and yoga moves at home and was already fully dilated when we got to the hospital. Though the midwifes took some convincing at first! They wouldn’t examine me when we arrived (because my waters had broken) and were convinced I had ‘a while to go’, I had to get a little more vocal that I was ready to have the baby and then it was a mad rush to fill the pool. 45 mins later she was born. It really was the positive and calm experience I had hoped for.

Thanks again

Sarah, on Hypnobirthing with Joan Mills

We have had two wonderful experiences with the Verulam Clinic. They succeeded our expectations in both occasions. Wonderful and friendly staff, an excellent service provided. N H-H, June 2015
4D scan

I am writing to say a big THANK YOU to Olivia the sonographer who I had an appointment with for baby scan on 5 March. Olivia has offered me the most welcoming and professional service and the whole experience exceeded my expectations. I don’t usually write to companies about my experience, however she was so kind that I feel that she really deserves to know.

Thank you also to the receptionist who offered very smooth service.

I have already recommend the Verulam Clinic to other mums who I met in the antenatal classes.

Thank you very much again!

Kind Regards,

K.F.(March 2016)

Ultrasound scan testimonial

I was so thrilled with the scan and the images are amazing! It really is so much better than the standard ultrasound scan.


Fab – had my 3d scan there this morning lovely place & ladies :) x ( having to go back as my bump didn’t want to play ball but this was easy to book and looking forward to it already :) XX A Jefferies August 2015
4D baby scan

My husband and I found this class so informative and helpful and gave us the confidence to approach the birth of our son with confidence.

Mrs Smith, Hypnobirthing Class